A Rare Word on World Affairs

It isn’t often that I feel the need to speak on this.  In fact, I started this blog with the intention of mostly avoiding it.  However, I felt I had enough on my mind to say something.


With the inevitability of Brexit under Theresa May and the very real possibility of an electoral victory by Marine Le Pen in France, the EU bureaucrats are likely sweating profusely underneath their smug frowns.  Although Anti-EU waves were held off in Austria (barely) and the Netherlands (though, Wilders was never going to win outright so that was a foregone conclusion), these amounted to minor victories in a war they are losing everywhere else.  Spain is broke and turbulent as ever with the Basques and Catalans agitating for independence or more de-evolution/federalism, Ireland and Portugal are stuck in bankruptcy and irrelevancy, it is only a matter of time before the Greeks decide it is better to be broke and free than to be a slave but broke anyway, and then Italy at some point is going to collapse financially.  It is not a matter of if but when.  When it happens, Deutsche Bank falls and the EU falls with it.

This is only part of the picture.  Those who have followed the EU and the declining birth rates in Europe (see Pat Buchanan’s ‘Death of the West’) have known for at least 15-20 years that Europe has been headed towards a series of civil wars.  The only question for the longest time was where it would begin, with the most level-headed suspecting France.  Whether Le Pen wins or not, this is already true if one looks at how many ordinary French people have been killed by Islamist attacks in the past two years.  That nation is in the opening stages of a civil war that will ignite whether Le Pen wins and rallies the French people against the invader or Macron wins and has the French security forces lie down and take it.  Upon the aforementioned and inevitable collapse of Italy and the Deutsche Bank the chaos and bloodletting will spread next to Germany.  There, the brow-beaten people will need to decide whether to confront the fact that a little nationalism is not the worst thing imaginable when their very lives are at stake.  The other northern and western nations of Europe will all face similar scenarios while the southern bankrupt ones will go their own way and face their problems on their own.

And then there is Eastern Europe, more specifically the mini-Bloc of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.  All four nations are generally weaker than the west and accept handouts on a regular basis.  But, faced with the threat of taking in thousands of Islamist migrants who will never integrate, they have shown themselves willing to spurn the aid and deny the western nations’ demands.  It would be unwise to underestimate the ability or the will of Eastern Europe to defy Western Europe as the former have recently experienced savagery far beyond that which the west has.  The East has living memory of Stalin, life behind the Iron Curtain, brutal repression, underground Christians, and the fight to bring down tyranny.  They have known brutal and murderous leaders, and thus the threats of the polished, clean cut, limp-wristed, western Eurocrats likely have them laughing.  Besides, with the events going on in the Ukraine and Russia, Poland has far more pressing and immediate security concerns from a truly capable military force run by a leader not afraid to use it.  To them and Hungary, the whining of cushy Western European leaders about “reproductive rights” or “migrants’ rights” is a mere annoyance.

What then of Britain, who has managed to break free of the EU and has seemingly begun a bold path forward?  The bad news is that they have too many migrants, proportionally more even than many of their EU counterparts.  Unfortunately, these migrants are not all poor Polish handymen or Hindus from India opening tasty Masala Shops and Indo-Pak grocery marts, but a great number of Pakistanis and others from Islamist nations.  Any dreams that perhaps they won’t be as radicalized is pure fantasy.  Some of the most radical of them are in the UK.  The UK is headed for a bloodbath possibly as bad as the ones France and Germany will undergo.

Only Eastern Europe has the possibility of being spared much of the Islamist civil war in their own countries.  If nations like Hungary, Ukraine, or Poland could heal the wounds left by Communism, throw off Western and American materialism/liberalism/progressivism, and rediscover the Faith of their fathers then they could be the saviors of any sort of the old European Christian culture.  The American Order has failed miserably in Europe.  Materialism and rationalism turned out to be false gods, Globalism is an impossible joke, and any notion that Muslims from war-torn hellholes can understand – much less live – Enlightenment ideas of a decrepit and prosperous West is only clung to by elitists in their ivory towers and TV-fed middle class brainwashed fools.

Only morality, the Faith, and security in who they are can save the Europeans.  Without these, even the entire US and Russian nuclear arsenals are nothing.

To be Continued…






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