Prelude to Disaster: Twists in Human Sexuality

This is where I will be diving into some unpleasant topics.  Please stop reading now and come back after the next and final post if you don’t want to read the ugliness.

The question of why certain human beings lust after those of their own sex or minors is an uncomfortable one.  In modern times the very questioning of homosexuality as something other than normal or something to be celebrated will get one labelled as a “homophobe” (a real term horrendously misused, it actually means someone who is unnecessarily grossed out by any show of love or tenderness between males… see the “Are Frodo and Sam gay?” crowd) or a “bigot” (ironically, meaning someone who is so intolerant of another opinion that they reject it without consideration).  Some perverts have even tried to push incest and pedophilia as acceptable, though fortunately such sickness has not been accepted yet by even our decrepit society.

This may surprise some readers but the condition of homosexuality is not an impediment to being Catholic or to achieving salvation.  If a homosexual were to live a chaste life (perhaps sinning alone on occasion and confessing his sins when it happened), attend Liturgy, and genuinely try to grow in holiness, then why would God not accept him as his child?  The Vigilante himself is a heterosexual who lives or tries to live practically such a life (with both marriage and Holy Orders not currently viable options) so what is the real difference?  Aside from the fact that my inclinations make me more likely to pursue matrimony or to enjoy it, the life of me as a bachelor and the the life of a homosexual Catholic bachelor would not have many substantial differences.  Indeed, Leon Podles has even stated that a chaste homosexual who is masculine and gives little indication of his condition unless necessary can be a great boon to the Church.

Where does homosexuality come from though?  What causes it?

There is certainly scientific evidence that indicates certain things may happen in the womb to give the baby abnormality of hormones.  These studies were pursued by the scientific community for a time but abandoned since there was no way to spin it to show homosexuality was as “normal” as heterosexuality.  This does not tell the full story, as these indicators are not a 100% guarantee that a child will be homosexual even though they seem to predict far higher probability.

The other side of the issue, in Vigilante’s opinion and in others’, is in the development of the individual during puberty.  It is well known and obvious from simple observation that homosexuals can largely be grouped into two camps: hyperfeminine and soft, or hypermasculine and often aggressively sexual.  There is a very plausible and quite politically incorrect explanation for this phenomenon and that is the psychological stunting and arrested development at some point during puberty.  Many of us can look back and remember that when we were little boys we were often closer to our mothers than our fathers (the Vigilante was not, but that is beside the point).  As we developed and grew older we often sought validation from other males, including our fathers, which resulted in a brief point where we underwent an extremely hormonal hypermasculine phase but did not yet like girls.  At some point we discovered an affinity for girls and our hormones eventually petered out as we grew into adults.

At least, that is how the unarrested heterosexual male develops. The theory goes, and I have every reason to believe it, that the hyperfeminine homosexuals never broke free of attachment and identification with their mother while the aggressive homosexuals are forever stuck in their 12 and 13 year-old selves, glorifying parodies of masculinity and extending that to an attraction towards the male physique.  Not all who are stuck in these stages of arrested development turn homosexual, as there are certainly heterosexual “mama’s boys” and hypermasculine meatheads.  A holistic combination of looking into nature and nurture may one day explain the phenomenon of homosexuality, but there has yet to be an unbiased study backed by no political agenda.

But like I have mentioned before, either of those inclinations are not necessarily impediments to salvation.  Does every heterosexual male try to hook up with every female he sees?  Are all heterosexual males even sexually active?  A long line of chaste monastics, priests, bishops, and even celibate laity say otherwise.  The same is true for a homosexual male should he choose to grow into a more full and holier person in Christ.

So, if sexual attraction to adult males can be thus explained then what of the attraction to minors that results in some of the most hideous crimes conceivable?  From whence do these originate?

There is no one answer to this.  The types of people who do such acts can be divided into three categories:

  • Heterosexual ephebophiles.  In other words, those who target females from puberty to early adulthood.  Obviously, these are heterosexuals attracted to girls who are developed enough to be recognizably similar or similar-ish to adult women.  Keep in mind that marrying girls as young as fourteen was once not looked down on with the disdain it is now, but girls of fourteen were also generally more emotionally mature in those days.  This sort of thing is rightly punished since girls of that age are often not in a position to make a mature decision when an adult makes advances.  That said, I personally find this group easier to comprehend than the two below.
  • Homosexual ephebophiles.  See above, but the target is now boys of that age.  When we hear stories of a 15 or 16 year-old boy being abused there is no question that the abuser is homosexual.  By that point the boy has acquired recognizable masculine features and has developed traits that will stay with him into manhood.  To deny homosexuality as a driving force in such cases is delusional pure and simple, as we will see in the final post on this series.
  • The “true pedophiles”, those who target prepubescent children.  These are the darkest of the bunch and occupy a personal and private hell within their souls.  These men look for children who are undeveloped, groom them, feed on their innocence, gain the trust of them and their parents, and then strike when they believe they have an opportune moment.  These last ones are predators; and though many of a conservative bent may be uncomfortable with this fact, these men are predominately if not exclusively heterosexual if given the option of an adult partner.  There will be more on this bunch later as well.

Rejecting the latest trends in sexual psychology is a necessity if we are to ever discover what forces drive the sexual desires of men.  I think that if one can cast aside the mountains of psychobabble then the answers are plain before our faces and deductable through the underrated thing named common sense.

Human nature is fallen in all regards including sexuality.  Understanding the true scope is a prerequisite to the finale in this series of posts.  May better topics lie ahead when we are finished.


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