Against the New Saturnalia

`The origin of exchanging gifts on the feast of the Nativity eludes the Vigilante, who has little present interest in researching the subject.  A recent act of last-minute gift buying at a Yankee Calvinist temple of worship (a material goods store) has finally pushed this Catholic over the edge to an emphatic decision: Should I ever have a family of my own I will NOT exchange gifts on December 25,  dress in a red “Sandy Claws” outfit, or put up a “Tannenbaum” decorated with plastic baubles.

I grew up, like every other American child, giving and receiving gifts on Christmas.  I say it’s time to reject this and restore the focus of the Nativity on Christ himself.

Image result for nativity icon

Holy Holy Holy! Lord of Hosts! Heaven and earth are filled with glory, Hosanna in the Highest!  Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!  Hosanna in the Highest!

As for gifts, we can do as the Armenians and exchange them on the Epiphany or we can do it on the Feast of St. Nicholas… the real one.

Image result for st nicholas punch santa claus

Let’s drive sales for costumes of Coca Cola’s imposter down!


Come on, Catholics with families or who are starting your own families.  Let’s do this and raise our kids right!


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