Masculinity: The Importance of Personal Hobbies

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One man writes books, another works every weekend on custom building cars, another polishes his gun and practices with it whenever he gets the opportunity, another bicycles scores of miles a week, another joins a flag football or indoor soccer league, another composes music, another learns the ins and outs of brewing strong drinks,  another learns to cook elaborate and tasty dishes without a single hour spent at a culinary school, another learns to blend delicious pipe tobacco and roll cigars, another studies theology after his day job while his friend studies history, another spends time to pray and realizes he is called to religious life…

Or, you know, we could all spend time playing video games, watching uninspired and formulaic television programs, or worst of all… wanking to the countless terrabytes of pornography on the internet.

Occupation of the mind and/or body with fruitful tasks is absolutely essential, especially in this day.  Without the need to fight for our food or our survival the temptation is strong to put ourselves into “autopilot” and not even try to better ourselves spiritually, intellectually, or physically.  If we fully succumb to this temptation then we have become near-mindless drones, domesticated livestock akin to mass-produced poultry.

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The Vigilante is no “conspiracy theorist”, but cannot help but think that some of this movie rings true…

Am I saying that you should cancel your cable?  Probably.  Am I saying that we should cease all video games, movies, or shows?  Not necessarily.  In limited amounts these things can provide some needed release.  However, I would recommend trying to make them subservient to a productive personal hobby of your choosing.

The long and short of it is, don’t spend all your time on the internet, the idiot box, or salivating over women you will never possess.  Do something with your life!

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We can all use more homebrewers…


4 thoughts on “Masculinity: The Importance of Personal Hobbies

  1. Great advice! Recently I’ve gotten back on my old skateboard and taken up trying to learn some HTML, CSS and JavaScript, the former because it’s fun and challenging, the latter because I really want a new career and the ability to freelance from anywhere. I’ve also been trying to cook a new dish every week or two.


    • Very nice. Cooking is something I’m decent at, but am limited to relatively simple dishes. My own hobbies are writing, reading, walking, bicycling, and a foray into homebrewing mead (which I want to try again).


    • I used bread yeast, so the result was always going to be… not as good as possible. Some of it turned out good, but some of it was way to yeasty. I also used apple juice to provide sugar for the yeast and some flavor, which worked nicely. Also, using gallon water jugs instead of actual brewing equipment limited the quality.

      If I do it again, I want to use the proper equipment. The process is surprisingly easy.


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