The Philippine-American War

With the recent announcement that the Philippines will be jumping ship from the American to the Chinese Empire, I thought it would be good to revisit a nearly forgotten piece of history.

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In the late 19th century Spain was technically counted among the “great powers” due only to its past history and tenuous hold on some colonies.   The latter would slip from their grasp as the native populations of Cuba and the Philippines rose against the fading shell of an empire.  The latter practically won their independence without external aid when the rising empire of United States declared war on Spain in a bid to take Cuba.

The war between the US and Spain was a foregone conclusion, marking the real beginning of the former as a global power and the end of such for the latter.  As neither Spain nor the US recognized the new Republic in the islands, Spain ceded territory she had already lost to a country that had done little to take it.  The first attempt at an independent Philippines became a casualty of proto-neoconservatism.

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And not the only casualty…

What ensued was a protracted guerrilla war that lasted over ten years and took the lives of tens of thousands of natives (something that the US military was no stranger to, as the Seminole and Sioux could attest).  President McKinley proclaimed it the duty of protestant and civilized America to educate and “christianize” the backward Catholic peoples.  Church land was confiscated and natives were displaced on a scale that would have made Benito Juarez proud.

Of course, what must not go without mention is the open and loving charity shown by the American bishops to the plight of their fellow Catholics.  One need only read the following excerpt to understand why the Cristeros in Mexico failed to garner American support for their cause twenty years later.


– Bishop O’Connell to Bishop Ireland

In conclusion, the Philippine nation has no reason to ally themselves with the US.  The real tragedy is that they are jettisoning this nation,  never friendly to the Church, for one whose governments have committed even greater crimes in their wish to exterminate the faith.

Image result for cardinal kung torture

Cardinal Kung, Pray for us!

So who wins in the latest chapter of global politics?

The Christians lose.  The Christians always lose.


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