The Doom of Numenor

It is not unusual to hear doomsayers preach of the nearness of the inevitable end.  Mayhaps it is a madman on a street corner, an evangelical minister summoning brimstone, a Fatimist praying for the revelation of the “Third Secret”, or a climate alarmist suckered by propaganda.  With all the cataclysmic shifts that seem to be occuring (genocide in the Middle East, mass-suicide of the West, militarism in Russia and China, the return of “war” to describe the relations of Stalin’s rape-victim and the great experimental “City on a Hill”, that  Tower of Calvinism that seeks to mar the world to match its rotten image) there is a sickening feeling sometimes that the world is headed for catastrophe and soon.  The recent blaming of Russia, a nation everyone seems to forget is armed with enough nuclear power to annihilate humanity, by certain politicians to smear hackers who dared expose the dirty secrets of the rotten elite is but the latest in a century-long saga of Western myopia that opened with the guns of August 1914.

Image result for world war one death

“The war is not over,” he answered.  “Millions are being killed.
Europe is mad.  The world is mad.”

The world will end when it will end; when God has ordained it to end.  We will not know that time even if it is upon us at this moment.  Absolution and the Eucharist, not guns or the illusory impact of the ballot box (voting for one faction of wicked men and women against another will do nothing), are our true weapons.

Hillaire Belloc once said that the Faith is Europe and Europe is the Faith.  He was half-right.  The Faith is woven into Europe’s very being and what it has been since men like Clovis, Vladimir, Æthelberht, and Mieszko bowed their kingly heads to receive Baptism from mere bishops.  Without the Faith, Europe has crumbled and eaten itself.  Without Europe, however, the Faith will survive regardless.  The Faith existed before Europe and the Faith will exist even should Europe be swallowed by the sea.

We can only hope that it will not happen.


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