The Blood of September

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An authentically Christian nation falls to aggressive liberal forces willing to spread their creed by whatever violence they deem necessary.  Churches are burned, priests are killed, cowardly bishops find ways to save their skins, and much innocent blood is shed.  Mostly blood of the very poor and downtrodden the revolution was supposed to have saved.

Within the heart of the nation, and against all rational hope, the weakest of the people take arms against the tide.  They do not wish a return exactly to the flawed way things were, but merely to put an end to the madness.  They fight valiantly, win many significant victories, and come to the brink of turning back the machine and smashing the altar of sacred liberalism.

They fail.  Their sacrifice is reduced to mere footnote of history, their blood is covered up by the structures new reformed nation and is left to seep into the earth.  They are swept aside, but impossible to be completely forgotten.

But this is not a post about the Cristeros.  I have chosen to dedicate this month to remembering those who fell to the sword of liberal jihad two hundred and twenty four years ago in an orgy of frenzied bloodletting.  The “September Massacres” from September 2-7 in Paris, and throughout the month in other parts of France, heralded the beginning of the Terror.

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The common folk of the Vendee would rise a year later.  This still-beating heart of the nation would go from a ragtag group of barely armed peasants to a force that could route trained military forces.  Religious symbols on their persons and hymns on their lips, they charged into brutal melee to take back a land sliding ever deeper into madness.

Though their time was filled with many victories, they lost at the most crucial moment.  The vengeance of the liberal and enlightened man would be inevitable and brutal.  The atrocities committed therein would never achieve the notoriety worthy of them, for the scales of men’s justice are unjust and shall always be so.

And it is that liberalism that haunts us to this day.  Even the positions of the staunchest French conservatives are revolutionary, Royalism being out of the respectable public’s eye and relegated to SSPX chapels.  The United States, that city on a hill of all liberal falsehoods, has every brand of liberal and enlightened man imaginable but no intellectual place for people of tradition.  This is because the United States has no tradition save that of eschewing tradition and true belief of personal morality.

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The keeping down of indecent and un-respectable Catholics is another matter entirely

Also, for reference, here is a quick and slapped together parallel of liberal flavors of the past and present.  It makes the the politics of the modern America make more sense by casting it into French revolutionary politics (to me, at least).

Girondists – Paleoconservatives

Dantonists – Libertarians

Jacobins – Progressives and Neoconservatives

Hebertists – “SJW’s”

Thermidoreans -The “Alt-right”

Still waiting on the inevitable American military dictator who abolishes the current constitution and is both vilified and romanticized the world over…

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Another parallel between the Catholics of France and Mexico:  Both would end up inconvenient to the Vatican and would have to choose between their way of life and obedience to the men who purported to speak for Peter’s See.  The betrayal of the Cristeros by the curia is too sordid of a tale to get into here, but I leave you with an essay by Louis Bouyer that addresses the fight for survival by the last remnant of Old France.

Now that this post has spiraled into sufficient incoherence, I will leave you with this homage from the Mad Monarchist to the warrior army of Sacred France.

Vive le Roi!  Vive France!


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