Blessed Beverage Reviews: Abbey Roast White Coffee

In this new series, I will review beverages made in monasteries and (presumably) blessed by the priests of the communities.  If these drinks are indeed blessed, then that practically makes them sacramentals which means we should drink up!

Included is any beverage imaginable as long as it is made by religious orders.  Please send suggestions my way for anything: tea, beer, coffee, wine, spirits… it’s all open for this series.

Abbey Roast: White Coffee

Nested in the outskirts of Gila National Forest outside of Silver City, New Mexico lies a Benedictine monastery. This community, like other Benedictines, is self-sufficient even if that entails selling goods. For the monks of the Guadalupe Monastery, that good is the coffee they roast (under the name ‘Abbey Roast’).

Today I will be talking about an offering of theirs that caught my eye: White Coffee. To produce this variety the beans are roasted at lower temperatures for a longer time. The result is a bean that is noticeably distinct in color from any other coffee. This difference is still noticeable upon brewing the product (to test, I used both my standard coffee maker and my Japanese cold-brew kit to ensure more comprehensive results).




So, is it any good?

Well… that depends on the person. In the morning do you desire a hot drink with a taste similar to roasted peanuts and cashews? If you answered yes, then give it a shot. Otherwise, I’d suggest you take a pass on this one in favor of one of their more familiar roasts. For my taste, the beverage felt like what one would get if they tried to make peanut tea. Cream is almost certainly a must-have for this (for me at least), and actually made it quite pleasant.




Much Better!

Another benefit of this one is that the caffeine content is supposed to be higher than black coffee. I may have noticed a slight difference, but I am so addicted to caffeine that I am a poor judge of that (mea culpa).

I might also soon review their Irish Blend and French Roast that I brought. We shall see…




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