Belated Thoughts on Brexit

The Vigilante has many ties to England in his heritage despite never setting foot in the country.  It is one of the top three nationalities in my blood (the other two being Polish and German), my surname is among the most English imaginable, and the patron I chose at the age of eight is none other than St. George.  English tobacco has filled my pipe, English beer my belly, and an English style pub is the only place in which I am willing to go to a “bar” to drink outside my domicile.

As far as the history of countries are concerned, England has many things of which  to be proud and ashamed.  Despite all the cultural achievements and the sheer accomplishment of building the British Empire, the nation has not truly been Catholic since Cramner and Elizabeth protestantized the Church of England and invalidated its sacraments.  It has not been Christian since Charles I was beheaded.  It has not been ruled by a British family since the Dutch and Hannoverians usurped James II.  Its armies slaughtered the largely Catholic Scottish Highlanders and Irish Peasants while losing battles to the primitive Zulus.  It was the breeding ground of much liberal (in the true sense of the word) enlightenment ideas including the precursor to the modern militant atheist, David Hume.


Even with all that said, I did feel the urge to sing “Rule Britannia” with more pride and respect than I have ever shown the “Star Spangled Banner” when the surprising results of the Brexit vote came in.  I am no conspiracy theorist and listen to neither the mainstream media not the likes of Alex Jones, but there seems to be an undeniable elite in the West that seeks to integrate and globalize the world under one common system… which they, from their ivory towers far from real people, will administrate and rule. Indeed, by shutting off the racket and spin of the official state channels and the uneducated rabble-rousers for the paranoid, any casual observer can see this.

The Brexit vote is the first great setback to the agenda of these globalists and the first time in my lifetime that I have ever felt satisfied with the outcome of any nation-wide vote.  The English people eschewed the barrage of propaganda churned by their media and voted against the idea of building a great Tower of Babel.  This would never happen in my own country with its one-dimensional political system, TV culture, lack of any true heritage or history, hatred of anything remotely intellectual, wretched public schools, and a general ignorance of anything of value.

Though we may yet wait for the day that England largely returns to the faith (if God in fact ever means for it to come), the fact that England opted to exist rather than be swallowed by some artificial idea of “Europe” is certainly a good first step.

So, people of England, celebrate your victory as  our common forefathers would have wished.  With English beef, English beer, English tobacco, and singing praises to the Lord, your God.


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