Cheap Wine Reviews: Gallo Chardonnay

I hope readers will be patient and indulge me this post.  It is the result of an inside joke, but perhaps you may find it instructive when making your next wine purchase?

Gallo is hardly a respected name in the world of wine.  Its name is synonymous with “cheap mass-produced swill from California”, and it is hard to argue with that assessment.  However, even the most snobbish and pretentious of w(h)iners can admit that the company can occasionally produce a vintage that is… alright.  Such a positive and rare experience from Gallo will be short-lived and only lead to disappointment should the drinker expect it to continue.

Today’s featured fruit of the vine is quite pleasant on first smell, mostly pears and vanilla that bring to mind the decadent sweetness of a cheap white port.  The smell, however, sets the bar high and the drinker’s hope is crushed upon the first sip.  The truth is, the wine is an empty and hollow drink with little flavor or aftertaste.  It proceeds to enter the stomach with ease, having the good sense to not burn or leave any nasty memories in the mouth or throat.

Overall, this is a wine with which you can press your lips to the bottle and swig.  There is neither complex flavor nor putridity in it, so it is safe to consume with reckless abandon.  Should you be compelled to drink it for social reasons at a middle-aged woman’s party, you can rest assured that it will not harm you.

If you want something to pair with a fine dinner, look elsewhere.

Pictured: Gallo drinkers having a good time




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