Two Very Different Ways of Doing the Same Mass

There is an undeniable chasm between the traditionalism of France (the birthplace of the movement) and that of the United States.  One could write a long blog post on the matter and why that is the case, but videos demonstrate it much more clearly.

On the one hand, we have a Mass at St Nicolas du Chardonet for (presumably) some Sunday after Pentecost.  Note the singing of the people, the music of babies in the background (Cryrooms can go back to the hell from whence they came, as far as i am concerned!), and how nothing here feels like the people are putting on a fake subculture that is not theirs.  This is their culture and their faith.


In contrast, this is how American traditionalists celebrate the Nativity, one of the most solemn of feasts in the Church.


5 thoughts on “Two Very Different Ways of Doing the Same Mass

  1. EV,

    Enjoy reading your blog and seeing your posts on radtrad’s blog. I have a quick question which has nothing to do with this post but I did not know where else to ask it. I plan on attending a Divine Liturgy this Saturday at a ROCOR parish here in Los Angeles and I was wondering if you have had any experiences with the ROCOR that you would like to share. I have no desire to leave Roman Communion but I plan on attending more Divine Liturgies for the rest of my earthly life (Orthodox and Catholic) because, well, I do not need to explain the matter since the beauty of the Divine Liturgy should be self-evident.

    Thank you for your time and pray for me, a sinner.


    • Thank you for the kind words!

      Unfortunately, I have no personal experience with ROCOR, just the Greeks (who were civil) and the OCA in my part of the U.S. and about whom I will decline to make a comment. I wish you the best of fortunes with your DL! I hope the Ruskies there know some Pre-Nikhonian stuff…. that would be awesome.

      Your comment was posted twice, but new commenters need to be manually approved (probably a default setting). It will only show once 😉


    • Forgot to mention… Since you live tin the LA area, I thought I’d mention that there’s a Russian Catholic Church in El Segundo. I’ve never been, but I’ve heard nothing but good things.


      • It was far greater than I could ever imagine. Experiencing the Divine Liturgy after spending years in the old roman rite is like a Plato “in the cave” moment. I also liked how they utilize the Julian Calendar! I plan to attend again in a couple days when the “Apodosis of Pascha” is observed.

        I have also heard many positive things about St. Andrew’s. It shall be next on my list!


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