Miscellanous Thoughts on the Marian Rosary

The Vigilante recently revived his childhood practice of a daily rosary (a 20 minute drive home from work can have its spiritual advantages).  In order to prevent the abuse of rattling off the prayers off the tongue by rote, I found it necessary to make a few adjustments to it.  I have no qualms about this, as the “Life of Jesus” rosary has been modified several times since its inspired creation by the Carthusian Dominic of Prussia.  Even then, all he did was take a practice and add a “theme” to it (the 150 beads on the rosary are thought by some to have originally represented the 150 psalms, so that the laity could pray 150 Pater Nosters or Hail Marys in lieu of the Office).

Traditionalists themselves vary which prayers they attach to the prayer.  Exhortations to the Sacred/Immaculate Hearts, the prayer to St. Michael, and the Fatima prayer are hardly universal (the Vigilante had never heard the prayer, “Let us pray. O God, Whose Only-Begotten Son, by His life, death and resurrection, has purchased for us the rewards of eternal life…etc.” until spending time with the FSSP).  I have even found, in the book Byzantine Catholic Prayer for the Home, a “Byzantine” variation of the rosary (probably created by Carpathian Greek Catholics) where the Nicene Creed replaces the Apostles’ and specific troparia are said before and after each mystery.  The rosary is quite the adaptive prayer indeed…


Blessed Vasyl Velychovsky, pray for us!

Needless to say, you will not find the Vigilante leading a charge against the “Luminous Mysteries”, or even joining one.  I do not oppose them, I have never prayed them, and I do not see a reason to add them to my personal rosary.  They will remain in the same category for me as the Divine Mercy chaplet for now, unused but undisturbed.

I don’t really get it, but I’m happy some find them helpful

It might not be the magic “key” to saving this doomed world, but the rosary is a powerful prayer that deserves any Catholic’s attention.  It could very well be the difference for some between a disciplined prayer life and a directionless one.

And that is reason enough to pray it.


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