The Holy Spirit came down when the Lord was baptized, that the dignity of Him who was baptized might not be hidden;…’the heavens were opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending as a dove, and lighting upon Him’ (Matt. 3:16)…Of this dove, the dove of Noah, according to some, was in part a figure. For as in his time by means of wood and of water there came salvation to themselves, and the beginning of a new generation, and the dove returned to him towards evening with an olive branch; thus, they say, the Holy Spirit also descended upon the true Noah, the Author of the second birth…The spiritual dove, therefore, as some interpret, came down at the season of His baptism, that He might show that it is He who by the wood of the Cross saves them who believe, He who at eventide should grant salvation through His death.

-St Cyril of Jerusalem (Catechetical Lectures: Lecture 17 no. 9-10)




10 thoughts on “Theophany

  1. Good post. I’ve learned quite a bit from your blog.

    On an unrelated note, I want to know which Eastern Catholic churches you recommend in the Dallas area for the celebration of the Divine Liturgy. I was intending to go to St. Basil’s in Irving tomorrow for the Byzantine liturgy.


    • I don’t want to post details on the blog, but I would avoid St. Basils. I can share the details in private.

      There is St. Sophia in the Colony for a Byzantine church and St. Mary’s in Mesquite if you are interested in the Malankara Rite. The three Malabar churches (St. Thomas in Garland, St. Ann in Coppell, and Christ the King in Farmers Branch) are decent.


      • I live at the other end of the country, but I also avoid the Ruthenian Catholic parishes near me and go to the Ukrainian Catholic parish instead, when I am able to. I wonder if these are just out of the ordinary or if there are problems throughout that jurisdiction.


      • @Antoninus
        The Pittsburgh Metropolia? Possibly. There are differences among the different Ukrainian Eparchies and I wouldn’t be surprised if the same is true for the Ruthenians (perhaps even exacerbated).

        The situation in this Ruthenian parish is a special case. The one in Houston is conversely quite orthodox.


      • The parish is actually in the Passaic Eparchy. The parish I speak of was once vibrant with a very holy priest. I loved it when he was the pastor. It is only 7 minutes away, but after he left things went downhill fast and I’d rather drive the extra twenty minutes to the Ukrainians.


  2. Oh ok. That’s all I want to know. I just recently moved to the Dallas area after all, and I don’t want a repeat of what happened in So. Cal. I don’t need to know all the little details, just in general. Thanks again!


    • No problem! I hope to see you one of these Sundays (the Dallas area is quite expansive, so I don’t know which church you’ll end up at).

      Also,, St. Mary in Arlington (Anglican Ordinariate) is definitely worth checking out.


      • Right now, I’m a regular at Mater Dei (since my family wanted a regular parish life) and even joined the schola (as an aside, I agree with your assessment of some of the songs sung at the recessional and processional as too much sentimentality [Faith of Our Fathers a prime one]), but tomorrow is my off day from singing, so I want to see another celebration of an Eastern liturgy done more reverently. I remember you saying that you couldn’t go often to the Malankara parish because of the distance; it’s the same with me, for St. Sophia’s, from what I can see on the map. The 3 Malabar parishes and the Malankara one are closer, though. St. Mary’s looks interesting as well.

        I believe I’ll be going to St. Sophia’s tomorrow just because it’s the farthest.


  3. Paul,

    Did you ever try going to St. Andrew’s in El Segundo when you were in Southern California? I am a member of the FSSP LA Apostolate but St. Andrew’s is a really beautiful place to worship? Also, there is some really nice Melkite parishes in the area and a Syro-Malankara parish in Hollywood, if I recall correctly.

    Regardless, I hope you find Liturgical peace in Tejas.


    • I would have liked to, but it was actually ok in So Cal. concerning the TLM. I was hoping then last year to see the splendor of Eastern liturgy in the Melkites, but I was ignorant of their modernizations at least in my area. It would be good if I visit So. Cal. again to go to the Russian Catholics as I have relatives there.


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