Ignorance of History and Facts

So Rorate appeals to Pius XII to bring down the evildoers at the synod… the pope who started a series of disastrous reforms… the pope who put Bugnini in power… the pope who was an old ally of the much-maligned Paul VI (you can’t claim one was a champion of orthodoxy while other one was a “liberal”, sorry)…

His pontificate an “angelic” one?  Do they not know that was when everything was planted?  Sure, there were “many priestly vocations”, but i would like to ask how many of those priests ended up in a sex abuse scandals?  At any rate, these were also the priests who performed the worst of the “Novus Ordo masses” that sparked the traditionalist movement in the first place (polka masses, clown masses, dancing altar girls, hippy masses…)!  An angelic and luminous pontificate indeed.

God forbid we ever are lured into a false spring again.  Better a persecution that tests the faith than a peacetime that euthanizes it.

Rant over.

What do you think, St. Denis?

Excuse me while I go and hit my head against something.


7 thoughts on “Ignorance of History and Facts

  1. I feel you. There has been more than one trad website in the last few days which has made an appeal towards Pius XII. As someone who used to proudly called himself a “trad” until about three months ago, I am quite happy that I am no longer part of that strain.


    • The worst part is that I generally agree with the “trads” on this synod. Then again, I also agree with the “Wojtylians” on it.

      Pope Paul VI and JP II did more to protect the idea of family than Pius XII.

      Are you trying out being a Traditional Catholic rather than a Traditionalist Catholic? 😉


      • The Synod has been exhausting but all the coverage of it has been draining as well. We all know what the Church teaches so let’s just get along with it.

        As for labels, I am a bit vary of the traditional tag because of the association with 1962, weird vitamins, a strange obsession with the Pope, condemnations of the Novus Ordo (while forgetting that 1962 is a product of reforms) and many other crazy idiosyncrasies.

        However I am flirting with Eastern Catholicism but for some reason I am still waiting before I make the full commitment.


      • I would definitely wait before making a full commitment. I would recommend experiencing an entire liturgical year in whatever rite you are considering. I’m on my 3rd such year an have decided to join that church, but haven’t gotten to doing the paperwork yet.

        If a journey eastward is not for you, you can always try the Anglican Ordinariate.


  2. In Spain we have a popular sentence for this: poner tronos a las causas y cadalsos a las consecuencias (more or less “to enthrone the causes and hang the consequences”). The appeals to Piux XII show but the madness reigning in both Neocon and Traddy milieus – I won’t write anything else about Pacelli, I’m jaded of his deeds.

    As someone who used to proudly called himself a “trad” until about three months ago, I am quite happy that I am no longer part of that strain
    Welcome to the club 😉

    The worst part is that I generally agree with the “trads” on this synod. Then again, I also agree with the “Wojtylians” on it.
    This is probably one of the worst points in all this: there is a fight between two faction, neither of which we belong to, but I fight we must take part for the sake of the Church’s future. A huge dilemma…


  3. Thanks to this website and The Rad Trad’s, I can’t call myself “traditionalist,” only a traditional Catholic, to use the term on this site. It was a long ride: I was first firmly in the Novus Ordo. Then having encountered the Indult, I went to that. When I saw the SSPX, I thought that was for me, after all the troubles of the Novus Ordo. I will still go to the SSPX if necessary, but I am now more inclined to go to the FSSP or any of the other approved traditional societies (despite their drawbacks), or Eastern churches. I can’t go back to the Novus Ordo, but I am no longer an SSPXer (i.e., one who holds all their views); I agreed with nearly all their views only out of ignorance.

    I agree there is too much gushing admiration of Pius XII on the part of Tradistan, including his disastrous reform of Holy Week. There may be peripheral issues which I and they agree with, but concerning the liturgy and solutions for the liturgical disaster, as it is said elsewhere, they are too ignorant and/or complacent, thinking ’62 rite the pinnacle of liturgical reform, although as even Prof. Dobzsay said that was already veering away from the Tridentine rite of 1570, itself a product for the Roman Curia, and not as solemn and joyful as the rite should have been! Basing a reform on the needs of bureaucrats (among other things) had its drawbacks and the Roman Rite paid a high price ultimately with the banality that is the Novus Ordo and a less deformed rite (the so-called “extraordinary form”), both formed because of this excessive need to simplify and supposedly to go back to the Early Church.


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