Papal Visit to the United States

Politics are stirred up on left and right, adoring throngs mass to adore a mere man, old debates reignite on immigration, abortion and other things…

Why must are there millions of Catholics who waste their precious time on catching a glimpse of the Bishop of Rome or obsessing that he is coming to their country?  Seems like much ado about nothing.  I would rather popes would spend their time in Rome actually cleaning up their patriarchate than cater to the masses.

Yet another symptom of the curse of papolatry.

Really?  This exists?


5 thoughts on “Papal Visit to the United States

  1. Everytime we have news about the extralimitations our western Patriarch does, I can understand (though not support) Orthodox folks who claim against Papacy.

    We once discussed this topic on His Traddiness blog, but it seems to me more necessary than ever to underline this: had these actions (“bergogliemata”, as a Spanish priest once pointed out) resulted in an undermining of papolatry and centralist/monarchical notions of the Papacy, Francis would be my favourite pope in centuries. But everything seems to point that he is just reinforcing papolatry even more: some like him, some change their minds just because he is the pope, some have become neo-sedevacantists, and there are those (trad folks) who keep the distance but dont’s stop talking on him and who will prostrate before the first future pope they will like…

    Perhaps I’m too pessimistic.


    • That’s actually a realistic assertion. I think one of the blessings of my upbringing was the lack of papolatry. Sure, there were people in my SSPX chapel who glorified Pius IX/X/XII and hated on John XXIII, Paul VI, and JP II, but I never caught the disease. JP II was just the old pope who didn’t and couldn’t do much as the church burned. From my limited perspective, the church was in grave danger and the pope was neither the cause nor the solution.
      Then came Benedict XVI and Trads went from ranting about the “liberal Ratzinger” to grudging respect to almost worship as his papacy progressed. Now that we have the “liberal modernist” Francis, the anti-papal mania has reached levels in the trad world not seen since JP II’s catastrophes at Assisi.
      It’s not the papacy that’s the issue here. It’s the pathological need some people have for a “Goldstein” figure they can hate or a “Big Brother” figure they can idolize. Either way, it all amounts to a golden calf.


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