“Gay Marriage”

Even in light of the recent US Supreme Court ruling, I didn’t want to say anything.  Everyone who knew anything knew this was coming and was not surprised.  I, however, am going to toast tonight to the long overdue death of a Tudor-esque Protestant pseudo-marriage.  Certainly, we believed the government (of all institutions) the “power” to “create” and “dissolve” these “marriages” at will… but as long as it was only between a man and a woman it was all good and moral, right?  Don’t forget, divorce is a-ok and doesn’t undermine marriage at all!

American Protestant morals have collapsed and it saddens me how dedicated many conservative American Catholics are to that whimsical Protestant America of yesterday.  If anything, this legal declaration has made things clearer than they ever have been.  The very real sacrament of Matrimony is as far removed from this pseudo-legal contract as it can be.  The former is untouchable and the latter is government’s to do with as they will (and they have).

All the confusing murk between us and the secular post-Protestant America has been washed away.  If a society is ever to be built by us at any point in the distant future, let us remember to keep the civil authorities away from marriage. Let us never again make it a legal contract.  Please, let us learn from our past mistakes.

In the meantime, let’s love these gay homosexuals.  If they spit on us or call us “bigots” then we will turn the other cheek as Christ commanded.  Let their own actions condemn them, and ensure our actions do not condemn us in turn. Let us teach them through mildness rather than the old proselytizing and protesting that will bear no fruits.  Remember, these people are lost children of Christ just as we are!  Let us the lead them to the light as best we can in the manner Christ commanded, for there is no other way.

Like a steady rock in the midst of the storm we will watch, we will wait, and we will pray.

Note: Fr. Philips from Our Lady of the Atonement in San Antonio (a wonderful Anglican Ordinariate church) has posted on the matter better than I ever could.


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