Rites of the Church

This is probably the best guide to the Catholic rites for a non-expert.


4 thoughts on “Rites of the Church

  1. I assume you did not make this, as I remember seeing something vaguely similar at the Basilica of the National Shrine (I believe at the Ruthenian exhibit?). Nevertheless, some comments:

    1. It would perhaps be useful if the “Roman” tree included the Dominican, Bragan, etc. rites. (Also maybe some mention of the Ordinariate rite[s].)

    2. “Bulgarian/Church of the/Byzantines/Greek” seems somewhat prone to misreading because of the awkward sense-lines. In fact, I don’t know if that whole sub-branch is even necessary, since the only true liturgical variation between the Byzantine-rite churches is if they follow Slavonic or Greek tradition.

    3. I don’t know what a “Pure Syrian Rite” is but I’ve never seen one before.

    4. I believe most scholars still consider the Armenian Rite to be sui generis.


    • Correct. I did copy. I picked it because someone with zero knowledge of Rites (which, in my experience, is usually the case) usually needs something that breaks it down easily.

      1. If I were to do this myself, I would indeed include those by doing to the Roman what this graph did to the Byzantine Rite.
      2. I would greatly simplify the Byzantine to Greek/Slavic/Arab/Romanian.
      3. That is a bit of bad wording for the Rite used by the Syrian Catholics and the Jacobites. I would just remove the word “Pure”.
      4. It is in a way. Like the Byzantine it emerged from the early days of Liturgy (when things were more loose) and avoided being centralized under one of the bigger tents. If one observes an Armenian Liturgy, both the Syrian and Byzantine overlap is noticeable (as well as the later Roman influence).


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