Quick update

I have recently been wondering how to balance this blog with my other priorities (family, church, friends, job, book writing, reading, and – of course – leisure) seeing as I can go a couple weeks without an entry and then pop out a couple in quick succession.  To resolve this, I will schedule one entry a week (the day is negotiable) for certain and more if I get both the urge and time.

My freestyle research on the Antiochian Church has been temporarily shelved until I: Cover a couple topics I have in the back of my mind, sort a few things out personally this Lent, and find some good material that covers the subject (especially as regards the Jacobite history, their many anaphoras, and the not-well-known Syrian Catholic Church).

Until then, carry on with the fast and endure!


3 thoughts on “Quick update

    • I think you have given me my next topic. I was originally going to do the Malankara after the Jacobites as a “side note” of the West Syrian liturgies… I now think it makes more sense to take another route. The problem is that the Malankara require a bit of backstory so they work better as Part 2 of a series on the St. Thomas Christians. Suffice to say, their Liturgy is absolutely breathtaking.

      As for what to expect in the “Eastern” Rites as a Roman Catholic, I think the Byzantine and Armenian (I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing the latter live and in person) are the best to start if you are used to the Tridentine Rite. If you’re more used to the Pauline Rite, the Maronites might be a better place to start. The Malabarese work as a good “gateway” regardless. Though, this is all just my opinion….

      I’ll see what I can crank out over the weekend.


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