Wisdom from within the SSPX

I have ripped this from Bp. Williamson’s Eleison Comments, where it was used to “prove” the current SSPX is some sort of spooky traitorous modernist organization (also, probably run by Judeo-Freemasons if I know Williamson’s crowd… and I do).

If this is what it means to be a modernist in the eyes of the “Resistance” then I shall wear it as a badge of honor.  I haven’t even attended an SSPX church since 2007-ish!

The Catholic Church is broad, much broader than just the Traditional movement. This movement began in the 1970’s as an understandable reaction of Catholics rendered homeless by the Conciliar revolution, but we will never make Tradition attractive or convincing if we remain mentally stuck in the 1950’s or 1970’s. Catholic Tradition is a vast treasure, not to be confined within the condemnations, which were routine in the 19th and 20th centuries, of modernism, liberalism and Freemasonry. In the 1970’s and 1980’s the SSPX did act as a lifeboat for souls drowning, but in 2014 “our time is different, we cannot stand still.” Church Tradition is one, but traditions are many, and much that is modern is not immoral.

So “we must continually re-position ourselves,” somewhere between denying that there is any crisis of modernism at all in the Church, and denying Church reality, as does the “Resistance.” They turn a purely practical problem of re-positioning into a question of faith, but that “faith” is a fabrication of their own, subjective, personal and in extreme denial of reality — how can Rome not be Catholic? How can Bishop Fellay be Enemy Number One? Ridiculous! The “Resistance” is sectarian, narrow-minded, evil-spirited and divisive.

As for SSPXHQ having betrayed Tradition in 2012, its actions were attacked from both sides, so it acted with reasonable moderation. Its texts were not dogmatic, just responding to circumstances. It did depart from General Chapter decisions of 2006, but who back then could imagine how much less aggressive towards the SSPX Rome would become by 2012? In 2014 our three bishops could all celebrate public Masses in the Basilica of Lourdes!

In brief, the SSPX follows the Spirit, It draws on Tradition. It saved the liturgy (thanks to Archbishop Lefebvre). It is neither monopolistic, nor as disunited or defeated as it may seem. Storms in the Church do continue, but down with conspiracy theories and Apocalypticism, and up with faith, hope and a new youth!

-Fr. Niklaus Pfluger, SSPX


6 thoughts on “Wisdom from within the SSPX

    • Bp. W.: “For Fr Pfluger, as for all liberals, these condemnations [of modernism, liberalism and Freemasonry] are not integral to the Catholic Faith but merely “substantial anchorages” (Cardinal Ratzinger’s own expression), which in a different age the ship of the Church can leave behind, as corresponding no longer to the different circumstances. Therefore if Fr Pfluger does not have a different faith from that of Archbishop Lefebvre, Pius IX, St Pius X, Pius XII, etc., he certainly has a different concept of that Faith, and that different concept underlies all his remarks in the interview quoted.”


      • Yes, the same rubbish again. I would like bp. Williamson to look behind the popes he mentions and ask himself whether the kind of Papacy they promoted is actually respectful towards Tradition. Sadly a great amount of Spanish-speaking Tradistanis (in Spain, but even more in South America) are Williamsonites who are skipping quickly into Sedevacantism.


      • Mad Dick is a bit past that point, I believe. He should have been let go back in the 90’s. The damage he and his followers did is irreparable, I’m afraid.

        I find the situation in the Spanish-speaking Tradistan of which Ἰουστινιανός speaks quite interesting. It sounds like they share many of the problems of US/Australian Tradland minus the love affair with fringe paranoid conspiracy theories and old-fashioned protestant-style fundamentalism fixated in the 1940’s/50’s. American Trads are quickly polarizing into 3 categories: WIlliamsonite Extremists, Ecclesia Dei ultramontanists who watch Michael Voris, and Ecclesia Dei “Good Behavior” types who moan incessantly how things have changed under Francis while playing a double game of bashing the “naughty disobedient SSPX schismatics” and taking swipes at Frankie. Moderate SSPX-ers are an extremely rare find here and the most normal people overall tend to be the Eastern Riters or the “Conservative Novus Ordo”.

        I wonder what it is different about French Catholicism that mostly allowed Bp. Fellay and Abp. Lefebrve to retain their common sense…


    • Concerning Bishop Williamson, David wrote: “He should have been let go back in the 90’s. The damage he and his followers did is irreparable, I’m afraid.”

      I’ve been one of the harshest of the SSPX in the past, particularly over their refusal back in the 90’s to deal with Williamson’s Holocaust denial and other troubling behaviours. However, between Bishop Fellay and Fr Pfluger, I do not think they could have handled the Williamson situation any more professionally than they have post lifting of the excommunication. I just wish they would have had a couple more years with Pope Benedict to negotiate a deal with Rome.

      However, I have every confidence that Bishop Fellay and Fr Pfluger can negotiate a deal under Pope Francis. If anything, the SSPX’s credibility in recent years has greatly increased under their leadership since taking a firm stand with Williamson.

      I think the bigger danger to the traditionalist movement today — and here, ironically, I find myself in agreement with sedevacantist bishop Donald Sandborn — is the tendency among a vocal minority of traditionalists to try and link traditional liturgy with geocentrism, Holocaust denial, 9-11 conspiracies, strange vitamin powders and diets, and the parsing of every comma of every alleged Marian apparition of the last 500 years. This is all behaviour that to their credit Bishop Fellay and Fr Pfluger have been moving the SSPX away from.


  1. I do not know Anglo-Saxon Tradistan at all, but it seems to me that these two hemispheres are much closer than they seem. Hispanic Tradistanis are almost as conspiracy fans as Anglo-Saxon ones are, with the nuance of seeing everything in this world ruled by wicked Jews – I once read a Tradistani comment, where it was stated that the snake in the Eden Garden was actually a Jew… In the moral subject, they are pretty similar to your Tradistanis (we have little Protestant influence, but much mojigatería, as we call it in Spain). For most Tradistani folks in Spain religion is a mainly moral field.

    Perhaps the main difference between Anglo-Saxon and Hispanic Tradistanis is their political attitudes. The Spanish-speaking world was catholic until the day before yesterday, and the masonic republics of South America were too. Strong Catholic (at least nominally) parties or regimes have played an important role here and there. So in Argentina there is nostalgia among Tradistanis of the militar government, as well as there is nostalgia of Franco among Spanish ones. And I have realized that, in many ways, Catholic “traditionalism” is nothing more than a cover-up of right-wing political aims, at least here in Spain.

    K. e.


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