A Fitting Warning and Papolatry

I believe this is more relevant today than it was when it was written.

“With all our knowledge of science we are on the road to hell and with all our wisdom we have fallen into folly. Can you not see that the world is full of filth? Let us flee from Sodom and Gomorrah, let us flee from Pharaoh and from Egypt. In our present society one can earn respect only if one can draw from the depths of a cursed and shameful breast horrible and frightful blasphemies, or if one murders one’s neighbour, or if one spreads discord and sedition throughout society. There is not one person left who does good. Not one. Torrential rain, earthquakes, hail-storms, and tempests all call men to repentance, but they refuse to heed the warning. Floods, epidemics, deadly fevers, and famines invite men to repent, but they will not heed them. The sacrilegious invasions of the insolent Turks cry out a terrible warning to them, but they remain deaf to it. The gentle voice of the preachers and the servants of God resound in their ears, but they will not open them. Then why delay my soul? Rise up and fly.”  – Girolamo Savonarola (1452 – 1498)

There is also an excellent article on Savonarola for those who are interested.


I am especially fond of this excerpt.

What must our judgement be concerning this controversial Dominican? He was certainly neither heretical nor schismatic, and his excommunication was certainly not valid. A papal excommunication is not valid simply because it is pronounced by the Pope but must in itself be just and founded upon truth. Savonarola was a fervently devout Catholic devoted entirely to God and to his Church. Alexander VI was, as Monsignor Hughes expressed it, “…a monstrously bad man who … disgraced the chair of St. Peter”. Savonarola displayed a far more profound Catholic instinct than most of his contemporaries, insisting that despite the depths to which the Church had sunk…


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