Welcome to the blog!

I am launching this to “vent” my many interests in Christianity.  This will mostly cover affairs in the Catholic Church, the Byzantine Orthodox, the Oriental Orthodox, and the Assyrians.  I may feature some ramblings on Protestantism from time to time, but don’t expect too much of that.  Aside from Anglicanism, I don’t consider it that interesting a subject.

Items you can expect to be featured in the immediate future include:

1. The Oriental Rites, a basic overview.  I plan to have a post for each.

2. Theology from a non-scholastic perspective.

3. Comparison of Rites.  Common and differing practices.

4. The “Modernists” of the 19th and early 20th century.  Who were they?  Beneath all the polemic, what did they advocate?  How do they compare to the modernists of the late 20th century?

I expect more topics will arise as they catch my interest, but I don’t want to “over burden” the plate for now.

I will now give an obligatory plug to these “sister blogs” which cover similar topics.





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